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Monday, December 10, 2012

6 Technologies That Will Make Your Next Vehicle Safer

Vehicles have been changing in so many ways over the last few years. Fuel economy is improving, design is changing, and cars are becoming safer. A lot of the safety has to do with new technology being implemented in vehicles. I came across this article describing six different technologies that are making vehicles safer to drive and thought I’d summarize it a little bit for you. You can read the entire article here.

  1. Back-Up Camera

Put the car in reverse and the screen in your dash or on the review mirror will switch to show you what is behind you. I mentioned earlier that design of vehicles is changing as cars become sleeker looking. This design makes it harder to see when backing up which makes a back-up camera almost a necessity. In fact, the US government is considering mandating that all vehicles come with a back-up camera so keep an eye on that.

  1. Back-Up Camera Intervention

The 2013 Infiniti JX is the only vehicle available right now that takes the capabilities of the back-up camera further by being able to stop the vehicle if there is something behind you.

  1. Texting Discouragement

Most states have passed a ban on texting while driving but many people still text while driving today. Now there is technology, found in Fords, which will read your text messages to you. There are automated responses, such as “call me back later”, that you can use to respond without having to look at your phone.

  1. Lane Keeping and Intervention

Lane keeping intervention can help keep you in your current lane. It is similar to blind spot detection. This technology can be found in Infiniti or Mercedes Benz vehicles.

  1. Pre-Collision Alerts

This technology uses radars that can alert you if you are about to crash and even apply the brake for you. This type of technology is becoming more affordable and common as it can be found on vehicles such as the Subaru Legacy, Chevrolet Equinox, and Honda Accord.

  1. Substance Abuse Detection

Vehicles having the capability to tell if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs and prevent you from driving the vehicle might not be available right now but something along these lines could happen down the road even if it is just a warning to notify a passenger that the driver is too intoxicated to drive. This one will likely be a hot button for politicians to debate. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Scion xB Maintenance Required Indicator Light Reset Procedure

Have you ever wondered how to reset the maintenance required indicator light in your first generation Scion xB?  Here is a video and step by step instructions in case you're changing your own oil or for some reason your service department overlooked it.
  1. Insert key and turn ignition switch to the "On" position
  2. Make sure the odometer is not set in either trip mode
  3. Press and hold the trip meter reset button
  4. Continue holding the button while performing all of the following
  5. Turn the ignition switch to the "Off" position
  6. Turn the ignition switch back the "On" position
  7. Wait for the odometer to count down to "000000"
  8. After the odometer switches back to displaying the mileage, release the reset button
Once you've performed these steps, your maintenance required indicator light will have turned off.  The next time you need service, bring it to Custom Car Care in Decatur, IN near Fort Wayne and we'll take care of this reset for you.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Self Driving Cars now legal in California

Autonomous (self-driving) cars are now legal on the road in California. Gov. Jerry Brown signed the autonomous-driving vehicle bill into law on Tuesday. Google has been testing a small fleet of autonomous vehicles over the last few years. They believe it will increase fuel efficiency, decrease traffic accidents & deaths, and eventually open the road to those who can't get a driver's license, such as the legally blind. 

For more information click on the links below.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Check Out Our Videos!

We have recently started to do some walkaround videos of our inventory. This is just another way for customers to get an accurate idea of the vehicle they are interested in. We have placed the videos we have already created in this blog post but keep an eye on our YouTube channel as we create more. If you have any requests do not hesitate to let us know!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Website!

We have a brand new website! It is the same domain name but a totally different look and feel to it. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Real Car Owners Providing Real Information

The internet has allow car shoppers to research everything about their potential purchase from price, specs, options, fuel economy, reliability, availability, etc. This has been wonderful for consumers to have all of this information at their disposal. However, not all of this information can be seen as true. Websites often feature information from industry professionals and not those who drive the cars everyday.

True Delta is a website that features reviews from real car owners. Their headline reads "real car owners driving real car information". If you are shopping for a used car we highly recommend you checkout this website before making your purchase.

Friday, July 27, 2012

2011 Chevy Impala LT

Used Chevy Impala Fort Wayne IndianaToday we wanted to dedicate a blog post to this 2011 Chevy Impala LT. This Impala is white with black leather interior. Those are the easiest exterior and interior colors to keep clean. Not only is white easy to keep clean but it is the safest color of a car you can drive. White is easier than any other color on a car to see on the road.

With just over 11K miles on this car it still has plenty of life left in it. There is still the balance of factory warranty. However, you pay almost half of what this car would have cost if it was brand new with zero miles on it. Why pay thousands more then you have to?

This Impala was made with lots of wonderful features. The driver and front passenger seats are powered. This allows you to easily adjust your seat until you get it just in the right spot. There is also dual climate control so both the driver and front passenger can customize the climate in the car to be at just the right spot for themselves. There are steering radio controls right on the steering wheel to allow the driver to easily control the radio. For best sound quality this car has the bose sound system. A couple other nice features are the sun roof and heated seats. As you can see this Impala has so many great features and we have only listed a few of them.

We always try to have a good supply of Impala in stock. We like to keep these in stock because of the value this Impala offers. It is large enough to be ideal for road trips and has a powerful 3.5 V6 engine that still delivers 30 MPG or more. Not only is that engine fuel efficient but it has proven to be reliable. If you ever need to replace any parts on this Impala the cost are not nearly as much as what they are for import cars. They are easy and cost effective to maintain.

We have 60 pictures of this Impala on our website. We have two locations within walking distance of each other. You can view directions and hours on our website. If you need financing you can apply online so that you save time by doing that ahead of time. 

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